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Ready-Mixed Concrete

RMC is made up of cement, coarse aggregate (20mm), fine aggregate (sand), water and admixtures. They are weighted proportionally according to our mix design, mixed in a mixer and/or mix drum, and transported to site for immediate use by contractors. Depending on the design, the RMC will achieve deferent target strength within 28 days. Our plants are automated using computer software to produce accurate RMC.

Product Range

  • C 10 to C60 concrete
  • Low temperature concrete
  • Slag cement concrete
  • Various specified concrete according to project requirement

We deliver per load 5 m3 of concrete. We have experience in delivering concrete up to 2.000 m3 in 20 hours for raft foundation.

Our Strengths

  • Computerised batching system for accurate mix
  • Experienced staff in operation and design
  • Data-based management for quality control
  • Customer support and technical assistance
  • Concrete compliant, adhering strictly to BS5238 MS528