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Precast Pile


QC Pile started operation in 1997 and has since supplied to projects throughout Sarawak and neighbouring Brunei. QC Pile is well known for its quality workmanship and concrete.

QC Pile is designed in accordance with Malaysia Standards R.C Piles to JKR standards. Customers' prescribed designs can be manufactured upon request.


QC Pile is manufactured in specially made rigid steel moulds that will reproduce piles of consistent dimensions. Special tapered faces of the pile make lifting easy from the steel mould, minimising 'stress induced damage' and as such, helps maintain the structural integrity of the pile unit.

Lifting hooks are sized and located by design to minimise stresses during handling and pitching. QC Piles uses HTDB/HTDV reinforcing bars and high strength ready-mixed concrete with a minimum grade of 45 Mpa conforming to both MS523 and BS5328.

Plastic spacers are used for bar chairs to provide the necessary concrete cover to steel reinforcement.

QC Pile comes in multiple of 3.0 metres ranging from 3.0 to 12 0 metres to minimise wastage on site by joining on lengths of required pile Joint plates are 'fillet welded' together to develop the same tensile and bending stresses as the individual pile unit.


  • Factory controlled manufacturing ensures consistent quality
  • High load capacity design maximises structural efficiency
  • Available in varying standard lengths to minimise wastage
  • Able to withstand hard driving conditions